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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

::New Books on Bioinformatics,Genomics,Proteomics..

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and please post comments so that i can improve the collections

Comparitive Genomics

Bertram G. Katzung-Basic & Clinical Pharmacology(9th Edition).rar

Perl Introducion

Sequence Analysis Manual

Molecular Biology For Computer Science

Python Tutorial

Molecular Biology

Bioinformatics and Linux 2003.pdf

Biological Sequence Analysis

Sequence File Formats.pdf

Protein Structure Prediction.pdf

Bioinformatics companies.doc

Human Metabolme Project.pdf

Prentice Hall - Bioinformatics Computing - 2002! (By Laxxuss).pdf

Introduction To Bioinformatics 1.pdf

Bertram G. Katzung-Basic & Clinical Pharmacology(9th Edition).rar

Microarray Image Analysis.pdf

Bioinformatics - Computational Molecular Biology.pdf

Molecular Biology Databases.pdf

Harper’s Biochemistry.rar

Sequence Analysis Guide

Programming Perl - by Larry Wall - O'Reilly.pdf

Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics.pdf

Protein Family Databases.pdf

Hidden Markov Models.pdf


Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills.pdf

gene prediction.pdf

New Genome Comparison.doc

How do we Sequence DNA.doc

RNA Secondary Structure Prediction.pdf

Seq: Analysis guide.pdf

Multiple Sequence Alignment.pdf

Biochip Printing using Virtual Instruments.pdf

comparing genomes.doc


Linux Complete Command Reference.pdf

Gerbera EST database.doc

Oxford University Press - Introduction To Bioinformatics.pdf

Basic Molecular biology.pdf

Searching Sequence Databases.pdf

DataBases - SQL - The Complete Reference.pdf

Shotgun sequencing.doc


Systems Biology Reconstructed Networks.pdf

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At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks a lot
dunno but if u hav uploaded all of them urself, you hav done a hell lot of gr8 job.anyways nice collection

At 5:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't find a book on drug designing and drug discovery,biometrics,vaccine,etc
but at least you try,thats a
good job,keep it up.


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