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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pharmacology,Pharmaceutical Chemistry,Drug Discovery Books

Study Guide to Accompany Clinical Drug Therapy

Book Description: Organized, concise, convenient and usable, the latest edition of this nursing pharmacology textbook presents unique coverage of nursing interventions for drug therapy with related rationales. Essential basic knowledge is presented in a logical manner, providing a balanced foundation for current and future study and use. Special features include: a nursing process format for greater understanding and application of learned material; nursing actions combined with rationales help students learn the what, why and how of each situation; and attention to the particular needs of each age group; increased emphasis on immunology; excellent discussion of the disease process; easy-to-read tables; and much, much more. A second color enhances and highlights important aspects of the text — students will tune in more easily to essential information. New in this edition: / The addition of new FDA-approved drugs throughout Care content in every Principles section, including information on what to watch for at home / Heavily revised and reorganized chapters on: Antiarrhythmias, Antihypertensives, Pregnancy & Lactation, Antimicrobials / Expanded content in Chapter Two on Concepts and Process related to Drug Therapy.

Stockley’s Drug Interactions, 7th Edition (Drug Interactions (Stockley))

Understanding Drugs and Behaviour

Book Description: Why are some drugs highly addictive? What exactly are the effects of different types of psychoactive drugs? How can they produce such dramatic effects on mood, cognition, sensation, awareness, health and well-being?

Understanding Drugs and Behaviour describes in detail how the main psychoactive drugs can alter brain chemistry and modify behaviour. Written by experienced lecturers with a high level of research expertise, all the main drugs used in today’s society are included, such as alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, LSD and Ecstacy, opiates, CNS stimulants, as well as clinical medications.

Teaching and learning features include:

Chapter overviews

In-depth core material

End of chapter questions

Key references

Extensive glossary

Journals and websites of interest

This introductory text will be of use to students of psychology, behavioural sciences, health sciences, nursing, physiology and pharmacology.


Screening: Methods for Experimentation in Industry, Drug Discovery, and Genetics
Book Description: The process of discovery in science and technology may require investigation of a large number of features, such as factors, genes or molecules. In Screening, designed experiments and statistical analyses of the resulting data sets are used to identify efficiently the few features that determine key properties of the system under study. This book brings together accounts by leading international experts that are essential reading for those working in fields such as industrial quality improvement, engineering research and development, genetic and medical screening, drug discovery, and computer simulation of manufacturing systems or economic models. Our aim is to promote cross-fertilization of ideas and methods through detailed explanations, a variety of examples and extensive references. Topics cover both physical and computer simulated experiments. They include screening methods for detecting factors that affect the value of a response or its variability, and for choosing between various different response models. Screening for disease in blood samples, for genes linked to a disease and for new compounds in the search for effective drugs are also described. Statistical techniques include Bayesian and frequentist methods of data analysis, algorithmic methods for both the design and analysis of experiments, and the construction of fractional factorial designs and orthogonal arrays. The material is accessible to graduate and research statisticians, and to engineers and chemists with a working knowledge of statistical ideas and techniques. It will be of interest to practitioners and researchers who wish to learn about useful methodologies from within their own area as well as methodologies that can be translated from one area to another.


OZONE A New Medical Drug
Book Description:

Oxygen-ozone therapy is a complementary approach less known than homeopathy and acupuncture because it has come of age only three decades ago. This book clarifies that, in the often nebulous field of natural medicine, the biological bases of ozone therapy are totally in line with classic biochemical, physiological and pharmacological knowledge. Ozone is an oxidising molecule, a sort of superactive oxygen, which, by reacting with blood components, generates a number of chemical messengers responsible for activating crucial biological functions such as oxygen delivery, immune activation, release of hormones and induction of antioxidant enzymes, which is an exceptional property for correcting the chronic oxidative stress present in atherosclerosis, diabetes, infections and cancer. Moreover ozone therapy, by inducing nitric oxide synthase, may mobilize endogenous stem cells, which will promote regeneration of ischaemic tissues. The description of these phenomena offers the first comprehensive picture for understanding how ozone works and why, when properly used as a real drug within the therapeutic range, not only does not procure adverse effects but yields a feeling of wellness. Half of the book describes the value of ozone therapy in several diseases, particularly cutaneous infections and vascular diseases where ozone really behaves as a “wonder” drug. The book has been written for clinical researchers, physicians and ozonetherapists but also for the layman or the patient interested in this therapy.

Behavior Analysis and Learning

Book Description:

This is a comprehensive presentation of the fundamental principles of experimental and applied behavior analysis with some examples of applications in education, therapy and cultural practices.

pass: yogi

Pharmacotherapy, An Issue of Critical Care Clinics (The Clinics: Surgery)

Book Description: Comprehensive, state-of-the-art reviews by experts in the field provide current, practical information on the management of intensive care patients. Each issue of Critical Care Clinics focuses on a single topic relevant to your interest, including trauma, blood transfusions, pediatric critical care, geriatric critical care, acute cardiac care, oncology, sedation and analgesia, and ARDS.This particular issues focuses on pharmacotherapy, an area where being current is imperative!

Respiratory Management in Critical Care

Book Description:

This book first appeared as a well received series in ‘Thorax’. It has leading international authorship and is presented in a clear and attractive format. The articles cover management of the acute respiratory diseases requiring intensive care. They are therefore relevant both for respiratory physicians and intensivists. The clinical management articles are complemented by illustrative cases, making this an ideal text for trainees.


Immunotherapy of Cancer (Cancer Drug Discovery and Development)

Book Description:

Expert bench and clinical scientists join forces to concurrently review both the state-of-the-art in tumor immunology and its clinical translation into promising practical treatments. The authors explain in each chapter the scientific basis behind such therapeutic agents as monoclonal antibodies, cytokines, vaccines, and T-cells, and illustrate their clinical manipulation to combat cancer. Additional chapters address statistical analysis-both of clinical trials and assay evaluations-methods for the discovery of antigens, adoptive T cell therapy, and adaptive and innate immunity. The challenges in clinical trial design, the need for biomarkers of response-such as novel imaging techniques and immunologic monitoring-and the new advances and directions in cancer immunotherapy are also fully examined.


HPLC Methods for Recently Approved Pharmaceuticals

Book Description:

An indispensable resource for busy researchers

Your time is valuable-too valuable to spend hunting through the technical literature in search of the right HPLC assay techniques for your projects. With HPLC Methods for Recently Approved Pharmaceuticals, you’ll quickly identify and replicate the ideal procedures for your project needs, without having to refer to original source publications. More of your time can then be spent in the lab, not the library.

Covering the relevant world literature through 2003, this book picks up where Dr. Lunn’s acclaimed HPLC Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis left off. It arms you with established HPLC assay techniques for hundreds of newly approved drugs, as well as drugs for which assay methods were only recently developed. Combining detailed descriptions of procedures with specially annotated references, this practical handbook gives you:

* HPLC methods for 390 commonly prescribed pharmaceutical compounds

* Various procedures for each drug listed together-making it easy to mix and match for customized approaches

* Methods for drugs in biological fluids and for bulk and formulated drugs

* Chemical structures, molecular weights and formulas, and CAS Registry Numbers

* Cross-references to The Merck Index

* Retention times of other drugs that can be assayed using the same methods

Brs Pharmacology (Board Review)

Book Description: These quick and convenient flash cards will greatly assist students in reviewing and learning the important details about pharmacology. Each of the 259 cards offers a brief question and answer, using a trigger phrase to help students memorize and recall correct responses.

BRS Pharmacology Flash Cards is part of a series of portable flash cards covering microbiology, pathology, and now pharmacology. Designed to accompany BRS Pharmacology, these review cards will also help students enrolled in other basic science or pharmacology courses or those preparing for USMLE Step 1.


Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference, 34th Edition

Product Details

»Book Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press (30 November, 2004)

»ISBN: 0853695504»Book author: Sean C. Sweetman


Basic & Clinical Pharmacology ninth edition (LANGE Basic Science)

The most current, authoritative, and comprehensive pharmacology book for medical, pharmacy, and other health science students. Widely respected for its clarity, comprehensiveness, and organization, this pharmacology course book presents the essential concepts that students need to know about the science of pharmacology and their application. Focuses on the basic principles of each drug group as well as the clinical choice and use of drugs in patients and the monitoring of their effects.

Pharmacology Recall

Book Description:

Written with the busy medical student and house officer in mind, Pharmacology Recall minimizes the time spent reading and identifying important material and maximizes the time available for actual learning. As part of Lippincott Williams & Wilkins’ Recall Series, Pharmacology Recall uses the concise, two-column question-and-answer format to facilitate quick learning. Common Board questions and mnemonics appear throughout the book to facilitate memorization and illustrations are provided to clarify important concepts. As an additional aid, a Pharmacology Power Review is included. This chapter presents a unique “bird’s eye” view of pharmacology and can be used to review large amounts of high-yield information quickly before medical school and USMLE exams.



Clinical Pharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple (MedMaster Series, Second Edition)

Book Description:

A concise overview of the most important principles in clinical pharmacology, with drug comparisons in clear chart format. Excellent Board review



Medical Pharmacology at a Glance (At a Glance Series (Oxford, England).)

Product Details»Book Publisher: Blackwell Publishers (April, 2002)»ISBN: 0632052449»Book author: M. J. Neal


Current Clinical Strategies: Physicians’ Drug Manual, 2005 Edition

Product Details

»Book Publisher: Current Clinical Strategies Publishing (January, 2004)

»ISBN: 1929622597»Book author: Michael Safani, Paul D. Chan


Password: 4ph

Handbook of Clinical Drug Data

Product Details»Book Publisher: McGraw-Hill Medical (11 September, 2001)

»ISBN: 0071363629»Book author: Philip O. Anderson, James E. Knoben, William G. Troutman

Book Description:

“…will be useful to all health care professionals in a clinical setting.” - Review of the previous edition from the Australian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy *Comparison charts compare and contrast drugs within the therapeutic classes, enabling readers to decide which is the best drug to use and prescribe *Written from primary literature, not compiled from drug manufacturers promotional material *Provides a wealth of clinical information on the use and misuse of drugs not found in any other drug reference


Password: rafcm

Goodman & Gilman's - The Pharmacological Basis of Therap

Download: Link

Stockley’s Drug Interactions, 7th Edition (Drug Interactions (Stockley))

Product Details»

Book Publisher: (30 October, 2005

ISBN: 0853696241»

Book author: Karen Baxter


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