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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Biochemistry, Third Edition by Donald Voet Judith Voet

Biochemistry, Third Edition by Donald Voet Judith Voet
Wiley | March 9, 2004 | 3rd edition | 1616 pages | ISBN-10: 047119350X | $170.00
Book Description:
Biochemistry 3rd edition DONALD Voet, University of Pennsylvania, USA and JUDITH G. Voet ,Swarthmore College, USA Biochemistry is a modern classic that has been thoroughly revised. Don and Judy Voet explain biochemical concepts while offering a unified presentation of life and its variation through evolution. Incorporates both classical and current research to illustrate the historical source of much of our biochemical knowledge.
* This edition has been updated to reflect the enormous advances in molecular and protein structure
* Integrated Biochemical Interactions CD
Chapter Menu:
Chapter 1: Life
Chapter 2: Aqueous Solutions
Chapter 3: Thermodynamic Principles: A Review
Chapter 4: Amino Acids
Chapter 5: Nucleic Acids, Gene Expression, and Recombinant DNA Technology
Chapter 6: Techniques of Proteins and Nucleic Acids
Chapter 7: Covalent Structures of Proteins and Nucleic Acids
Chapter 8: Three-Dimensional Structures of Proteins
Chapter 9: Protein Folding, Dynamics, and Structural Evolution
Chapter 10: Hemoglobin: Protein Function in Microcosm
Chapter 11: Sugars and Polysaccharides
Chapter 12: Lipids and Membranes
Chapter 13: Introduction to Enzymes
Chapter 14: Rates of Enzymatic Reactions
Chapter 15: Enzymatic Catalysis
Chapter 16: Introduction to Metabolism
Chapter 17: Glycolysis
Chapter 18: Glycogen Metabolism
Chapter 19: Signal Transduction
Chapter 20: Transport through Membranes
Chapter 21: Citric Acid Cycle
Chapter 22: Electron Transport and Oxidative Phosphorylation
Chapter 23: Other Pathways of Carbohydrate Metabolism
Chapter 24: Photosynthesis
Chapter 25: Lipid Metabolism
Chapter 26: Amino Acid Metabolism
Chapter 27: Energy Metabolism: Integration and Organ Specialization
Chapter 28: Nucleotide Metabolism
Chapter 29: Nucleic Acid Structures
Chapter 30: DNA Replication, Repair, and Recombination
Chapter 31: Transcription
Chapter 32: Translation
Chapter 33: Viruses: Paradigms for Cellular Function
Chapter 34: Eukaryotic Gene Expression
Chapter 35: Molecular Physiology

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